What is this blog?

A free thinking, free spirited, open minded space to explore all the facets of building a beautiful and happy life with maybe a bit of that Bardot sexuality and glamour. 

Why Bardot?

Bardot was a woman who helped spark a revolution. It wasn't just the blonde fringe and winged liner that inspired women but her fiery, dominate film characters. In And God Created Women, Bardot lit up the screen through her ability to display the power of the feminine. In Don Juan is A Woman, she used her sexuality and wit to show she was a stronger match to any man. 

In her personal life, she went from a demure ballerina to a hip twisting, husband jumping bohemian muse. She found her wild. She found her free. She found where she was lost and where she was truly herself. She felt scorned by men but still went on to do what was beautiful to the world. She entertained us. She sparked a bikini and mini skirt revolution. As she said, "I'm a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian."

She taught me "jamais" meaning never was the most powerful word when speaking to men who didn't understand no. She taught me there was nothing wrong in sexuality, love, freedom, and shaking what your mama gave you. 

While her face is one in a million, it's her heart and soul I hope to capture. A women who accepted "people are forever finding something wrong with you" and decided she "doesn't give a fig for society". She was a rule breaker who could speak her true saying "I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy." She didn't care about her opinions being popular because as she said, "They may call me a sinner, but I am at peace with myself." 

Bravo, Bardot!


*Bardot has has some unacceptable views on minorities and this is something we do not nor will ever stand behind.

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About Rachael Forster:

I am an American girl with a Parisian heart and a grandmother's arthritic body. Based in New York, after years in LA, I am, like most people, still figuring out how to lose calories while watching Netflix. Outside of that deep scientific research, I have a deep passion for learning and seeing the world. I've dedicated my life to performing, fashion, helping others, and cooking while I search for new adventure. I am obsessed with film noir. I have studied cooking. I have enamored with fashion. This has brought me to many cities. Starting from New York to Paris to Boston to Amsterdam to New York to LA, now back to New York, as I search for fulfilling my passions. 

I LOVE to be on the move due to my nomadic spirit but have a deep need for a place to call home. It makes me a paradox. My goal is to just share a bit of this crazy but wonderful life with everyone out there. This includes outfits of the day, poetic musings, notes from my travels, recipes, vlogs on make-up or mental health or maybe politics, finding new ways to feel empowered, and just a lot of LOVE for the world around me.

Living is an art and truly a choice everyday. In the translated words of Pablo Neruda, “Avoid death in small doses, remembering always that being alive requires an effort far greater the simple act of breathing.”  I hope I inspire you all to love yourself, love your world, and feel grateful for everything you have.  

 - Rachael

Press & Mentions:

Rachael Forster has been blogging for over five years at RachaelForster.com before growing into CouturedonBleu.com. Rachael has been featured on Vogue.com, Stylelist.com, LifestyleofTheUnemployed.com, New York Minute Magazine, JLHeadhunter.com, and other notable publications.