Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese

I missed Mac and Cheese. I miss it even more when I'm stressed and wanting a little bit of comfort. Today was that day for me. I've been working a lot and in the middle of a move so I really wanted a taste of childhood. For me, taking a bite of Mac and Cheese embodies all those feelings that you have as a child where everything is simple and you are safe. Warning: pictures don't do it justice.



I boiled water for gluten free pasta and preceded to cook said pasta. I took vegan gluten free sausage patties (I use Sol. Find them at Whole Foods). I cooked them in a pot then added vegan butter. I use gluten free flour to thicken it and make a rue. I added rice milk, the vegan cheeses (cheddar and pepper jack) and a bit of xanthum gum. I let it thicken before throwing the mixed pasta in. Bottom line, it was awesome and no belly aches for me :)