After the destruction of the hurricane, it became really frigid in NYC. The winds are strong and with every gust we are reminded that winter is coming. Let me explain a bit about me, I love winter. I love snow. I love the holidays. I love it until New Years and then I realize, wait we have like 4 more months of this shit.... I should really try to be bicoastal. Anyway, I was feeling a bit blue about it so I decided to get inspiration from Spring 2013 trends. I saw the headband/headscarf in a few shows. It's very Bardot which means, I love it!



I paired in with a vintage ruffle blouse and my black leather pleated skirt. I really live channeling school girls. So this is my Parisian school girl look.

Men seemed to find the shirt a bit overwhelming. Like "why do her breast have flowers all over it?" To which I respond, don't look at my breast.

There will be much more to be said in the upcoming days, haircuts, photo shoots and a little home repair are all happening.