Oxblood Red Lace

Doing our best to get your better quality images which is tough with a broken SLR on hand. Here are two outfits that I have brought for you guys.

 Oxblood Afternoon Hoe Meets Winter White Pants

This shirt is see through. A bit racy for day if you ask me which is why I added the blazer. A blazer says "I'm a boss and way too professional to be a slut in any way." That's how this sartorial pleasure was born. I wore leopard smoking slippers because I actually was spending the day running errands. Is it just so much fun when you realize that you've run out of checks the same day you have pay rent? Thank god, Bank of America was pretty useful. More than you can say for most banks.

I had a few compliments on the lip color which unfortunately, I can't identify because I stole it from my mom and it has absolutely no label on it. After searching around Sephora for a while I found that NARS Baroque is the closest to the color.

Pardon the dirty shoes. We just had a hurricane guys!