Another Cambridge weekend + thoughts on life.

I had to come up to Boston for a make-up final this weekend. Waking up on a cold Saturday morning and having to walk 15 minutes to your final at 8:30 in the morning is the COMPLETE opposite to how a Saturday should be spent. Nonetheless, it is how I spent my past Saturday. It was a math final to top it all off...

This is not to say that my weekend didn't have its' joys. I got to spent the weekend with my very lovely boyfriend. I got to see a bunch of our friends but most importantly, my bestie, Dannielle came up from Brown. I very excited about this. We had a very relaxing evening with a bunch of friends which consisted of a lot of alcohol, laughing, and some embarrassment. The night ended with a lovely cuddlefest on an air mattress as we drifted off the sleep. Always a win!

photo (29)
photo (29)

I wish I had a picture of my outfit from last night but unfortunately, I forgot. I wore leather leggings, with a very long T-shirt, and a printed blazer. By the time we got to the above pictured cuddlefest, I was in sweats and a sweatshirt.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the life. I've been thinking about how I want to live my life. I want to live my life with passion. That's why I cook, write, blog, dress up everyday, and chose acting as a career. I realize I spent so much time not pursuing the life I want. I'm tired of doing that. New York can become a disease in the way that you become so wrapped up in the NYC life that you forgot why you came there. It eats away at you and you just become New York. Have you ever looked at pictures of your friends or people you know before they moved to NY? Most of them are completely different people.I have this girl at my job who represents this change.

You walk into the restaurant, a gamine looking girl struts over to you. Yes, struts, like a mini super model. Her feet float and her hips swing perfectly from side to side. Her walk is effortless, ladylike, but still sexy. She is charming and beautiful. Girls want to look like her and guys want to have her. If you look at her pictures from before she moved to  New York, she looks like a completely different person. She looks so average but now she looks like a combination between a Parisian woman and Audrey Hepburn. It just makes me remember how New York can change you.

Then again, maybe you change because you are in New York. Maybe New York is your freedom and  you can finally be who you want to be. Maybe people just change cause they are finally in New York. Either way, it can change you, it can distract you. I realize that I need to make New York what I want New York to be.

I need to be who I want to be. I need to be taking bigger risks than I have with my life. I need to leap whether it's cutting my hair, wearing it's  a new lip color, going for the big audition, or getting another tattoo. It could be just putting myself out there more. It could be anything but I must do it. Please share your thoughts on this matter!

Anyway, my outfit today is super casual. It was really cold so I had to bundle up.

photo (30)
photo (30)

Peplum top: Topshop, Black jeans: Supertrash, Will's cardigan: Club Monaco, Necklace: My grandmother's Shoes: Dolce Vita