So after reading Leandra Medine's post about taking leaps and doing the thing you want to do but never do, I decided to get that second and third tattoo I had been thinking of. So I had woken up two days ago to a beautifully sunny, 60 degree day and felt alive. I went to all the local art galleries to appreciate but mostly, wish I could afford the amazing pieces in front of me. I went to Café Giatane for a mocha and a light salad. Going there reminds me of being in Paris. I miss Paris so much. Will and I are planning to spend a morning there in June before traveling around France and then Italy. I've spent a lot of time in both countries but Will hasn't. Plus, it'll be so fun and probably romantic. Send your suggestions on where to go and travel.


20130201-092831.jpg Pictures from Café Gitane.

So after such a feel good day, I took my leap and here is the result.