Romping around NYC...

I have this one guy friend who always refers to the act of wearing a romper, "romping around". So frequently, I am romping around NYC, in his eyes. Rompers are an interesting conversation piece. I get to dinner with a bunch of my college friends wearing the below outfit and the first question I get is, "Is that what they call a romper?" Me: "Yes, I'm surprised you know that." Another guy: "Is that what they're called? I just called them miniature jumpsuits" First guy: "I only know the name because some girl told me that it is really hard to pee in a romper?" Another guy "Pull to the side or completely take off." Me: "Not discussing my peeing habits but thanks guys." A different guy "I think you're just wearing pajamas" Either way, I still love romping around because they are comfortable and pretty easy. Your outfit is essentially made for you! You can layer a vest of jacket or put on a hat or etc. But they look chic without adding anything but a bag and heels.  Makes it so easy for you. Anyway, here is the look.






Romper: Zara