Back in NYC! I was running to an early morning test shoot when I decided to wear the comfiest thing I own. You can consider this post to be the post of "AWKWARD FACES". I'm clearly too tired to function. Back to the clothes, I just got these amazing jeans. They were a sample that they decided not to make so they are actually one of a kind. I was super excited that they fit and are now all mine. The rest is just a simple men's sweater and a bunch of accessories to keep me warm.

IMG_3491 copy IMG_3496 IMG_3499 copy IMG_3505 copy IMG_3506 copy IMG_3508 copy IMG_3515 copy

IMG_3508 copy

IMG_3505 copy


IMG_3499 copy

IMG_3491 copy

Coat: Zara (Yes, It's been getting a lot of wear) Sweater: J. Crew Men's Jeans: Earnest Sewn