Tea Talks: Tips to Success

Success is a funny thing. No matter how many tips I give you or how hard you try, it doesn't mean you'll get it. But you will never get anything without trying. So these are a few universal tips for success in any endeavor.

Put it Out There: You will never get what you want without asking for it. That doesn't necessarily mean asking people, "Will you give me this?" but more the idea that you need to send the universe the memo that you want it. If you don't tell people, I want to do this or I want this in my life, how will they ever help you or support you. If an opportunity arises, why would anyone think to ask you to be a part of it if they don't know you want it.

Think "who says": Who says that you can't have everything you want? I think about this all the time. I think of Gwyneth Paltrow with a successful acting career, multiple cookbooks, design collabs, a family, and then think who says I can't have it all? Sure, it's a lot of work and managing priorities and schedules but who says I can't make it work? Anyone who says you can't is an ass but usually the only person sending the message of doubt is yourself. So, instead ask who's saying this?

Ask why not me?: Obviously, you're not about to get signed to the Yankees if you've never picked up a baseball but if you are a talented trained singer and dancer, why can't you be the next Beyonce? I know you're thinking because I'm not Beyonce. But Beyonce didn't make it to where she was thinking "I'm not as good as Madonna. I'm just Beyonce." Instead she thought, why not me and made Beyonce a household name. There is no reason why you can't achieve success.

Have Fun: No one wants to be around someone who takes things so seriously that their love and passion gets kicked to the side. Part of the reason people love Jennifer Lawrence is because she's loving every part of her job even when she is tired. Don't be afraid to show people how much you are enjoying doing what you do. Just have fun and enjoy every moment of it.