Question of The Week 10.27

We want to form a community with our readers as well as share pieces of ourselves with you. We encourage everyone to be more introspective and try to get to know the deeper parts of themselves. Hence, the introduction of The Question of The Week. 


Leave us comments with your answers. We would love to hear it and may even have some advice.

 What habit would you like to let go of?

Something I need to let go of: eating chocolate after every meal. Now this may seem silly and it kind of is... But I literally do not feel complete until I eat chocolate after my meal. However, what I’m realizing, is that I do this in other circumstances as well; I’m searching outside myself to feel complete or happy. In fact, we all do this whether we realize it or not. Whether it’s people or things or chocolate... We feel like we need something to make us feel complete or happy, but this is just a thought we’ve created in our head. We are complete, just ourselves. We don’t not need objects or people or food to make us happy, everything we need is within us, it’s just a matter of finding it and trusting it.
— Steph Sidwell
I need to let go of my habit of allowing external pressure make me feel like I have to be something other than I am. Coming over to LA, especially to Venice, I felt very left out and very different from those around me. It took me a while to meet people who I genuinely click with. I still sometimes feel like I have to be more “Venice” to fit into the culture here but finding good friends has helped me realize that who I am (even if it isn’t the LA way) is better than being what people would like me to be. Ultimately, the good people who are real friend will like me even if I am a homebody, non-yoga doing, goofy, overdressed, nerd.
— Rachael Forster
I want to let go of turning down opportunities only because they are a little out of my comfort zone. I want to add a little ‘yes’ into my life. I recently went on a completely sporadic trip that changed my perspective on how I was living my life. I was comfortable. Comfortable is nice, but much like sitting on a couch, you get stuck there if you stay put for too long.

Following this trip, I was refreshed, revived, reminded of what I wanted for myself, in one weekend, all because of the ‘yes’. I experienced the Mojave desert, Rise Festival, and quality time with my amazing friends. I was so hesitant to go at first because I had “so much to do” and just wanted to have a relaxing weekend. What?

I’m 24. I had nothing to do but clean my house and hang out with friends. So with nothing packed, not even a toothbrush, I said yes to this excursion through the Nevada desert, and thank goodness I did. I was able to take in a place I had never been. I had my face pressed against the glass of the car window like a little kid looking into a candy store. I wanted to experience it all, I wanted this feeling all the time! I noticed after the trip, I began to say yes to other things that came my way. The opportunities that come from other opportunities are often times the ones that get us on the path we want for ourselves.

THIS WEEK to one thing you ordinarily wouldn’t. Don’t let fear, laziness or made-up excuses turn you away from missing out on things! Get out there, experience the world,
and reap the benefits. <3

With that being said, I challenge you, our faithful blog-ees to say ‘yes’
— Michelle Zauzig