What is your Life Mantra? 

Share with us. We would love to hear. 

My mantra is “I am enough” - Steph Sidwell
My life mantra which has been tattooed on my rib for about 4 years now is “Fate loves the fearless.” It is just a constant reminder that you have to go forth boldly in your endeavors and the universe will reward you for it. Besides, no one has ever gotten anywhere by being too afraid to try something. - Rachael Forster
Life Mantra: Gratitude changes attitude.

I mean it. If ever you feel in a weird place, lost, sad, hopeless or just blah. Sit, be still with yourself, and think about what you have and THANK yourself for your struggles. If you’re human, you’ve been through a struggle or two... are you dead? nope. are you still breathing? yes. Can you name a couple people you can always count on? Count your fingers, your toes, thank your heart from pumping, your eyes for seeing, or ears for hearing. Be thankful for for pain when something leaves, because you were able to know love, and learn how it feels when it goes. Be thankful for the good times, but especially for the bad. Good times never taught us much, character comes from knowing defeat, knowing hardship, knowing how to pick yourself and continue on, taking with you a valuable lesson that you may not appear until many years later. Thank yourself for taking the time to be grateful, and feel how energy shifts almost immediately. You have cleared the fog, you have seen what is there and have stopped dwelling on what no longer serves you. THIS is my life mantra, and I challenge you(ok, i’m begging you) to try this next time you feel stuck in ‘that place’ where you don’t want to be. <3