The Beauty of Hurt

Written By: Michelle Zauzig 

THE breakup. The one that really knocks you off your feet. Makes you reconsider life, love, emotions. The one that hits you to your soul. The one that shakes you, but shapes you. There is something so beautiful about simple, raw love. Just being loved for being you. You feel good to your bones, energized, blissful! When that feeling is ended, when you lose someone you've connected your heart strings too, the world seems like it's over. Food is disgusting, engaging with people is damn near impossible, a dark cave is preferable to the sunny beach. You want to be alone, away from everyone, and you never want to feel like this again. How can something that was once so beautiful cause something so brutal. Or does it?

There is a beauty to pure sadness. It's empty, it's dark, it's cold, but it's pure. It's not mixed with other emotions, it's not confusing, it's not out of place. It seems infinite at first, but those who have been in this place, know the purest happiness that follows. The happiness that cannot be matched by any other emotion. The cold glass on water on a hot afternoon, the warm bed with fresh sheets at the end of the day, the knight and shining armor of emotions, saving you from your dark dungeon.        

This sadness, pure and true, is the master cleanse of emotions. It sucks while you're going through it. You want to quit, give up, throw your hands in the air...but you never come out worse off than when you started. You learn discipline, you learn to be alone with yourself, you learn to listen, you learn to see beauty in small things because it's all you had keeping you going. You learn to appreciate the happiness, but more importantly the bad. You walk away cleansed. You see yourself in a new light, and learn to lead yourself through the dark, not by light, but by trust. Knowing and loving yourself enough to get yourself through it. Knowing after that you're stronger than before, and come out with an unmatchable self respect.

Respect. Respect to you. Seeing people go through it, you can feel completely empathetic to the struggle you know well. This very struggle known as heart break can connect you, and you learn to know that even when you feel most alone, you're not. Even when you feel the most hurt, people have felt more pain.

Heartbreak is beautiful. Pain is beautiful. It makes you appreciate the beauty around you, connects you to people, makes you feel alive. Hopefully you read this and understand, and next time you go through something, you'll see it as a beautiful struggle, and not simply a struggle.