Our Picks: Best "Pick Me Up" Song

This week for "Our Picks", we are talking about our favorite "pick me up" song. You know, the song blasting in your headphones that puts a groove in your step and reminds you life can't be that bad. 

My song at the moment is Tallest Man on Earth by Dreamer, Samuraii edit!
— Steph Sidwell
Favorite Song for a pick me up: So many song Tangled Up in Blue. Bob Dylan. Can’t tell you why. I just love this song, it puts a pep in my step— and i’m on my way. Bob Dylan is the worlds greatest writer in my open, and his words strike a chord that I can’t explain, I get it, and it figures everything out for me.
— Michelle Zauzig
My pick me up song is “Soft” by Kings of Leon. It is a strange choice considering it’s about a guy who is having trouble staying ‘standing at full attention’ during sex. The lyrics make me laugh and contemplate life’s sexual blunders while the rhythm takes over your soul. Listen to it and I dare you not to dance.
— Rachael Forster