Polka Dot Shirt: Part 2

So picking up to where I was talking about packing and traveling in my post called Polka Dot Shirts, I promised I would show you how to wear this shirt 3 different ways. I think it's so important to know how to change your clothes around in interesting ways. Most people in the world don't have an endless wardrobe where we never have to wear the same pieces more than twice. 

I think it's pretty unrealistic when I see so many bloggers who get so many items that you never see them wear the same outfit again. Not only does it not make sense but it doesn't really help anyone come up with new ways to wear the clothes they have. BUT this concept is extremely important when traveling because you have limited space. These pieces are kind of perfect for traveling because of they are so useful. 

In the last post with this shirt, I wore it very casually. I would wear this sightseeing or walking around a city for a day. See that outfit here. This time around, I would maybe add tights (especially if I was in NYC or Europe around this time of year) and I would wear it to a casual business meeting or lunch. I think it's feminine, confident, put together, edgy, but still professional. Working in both entertainment and fashion allows me a bit more flexibility. If you work in finance, I would suggest a dress that isn't leather and longer. 

Speaking on the dress, I have worn this out for a really fun party where I had purple hair this summer. Check that out here. It's completely different vibe and look. But It's great because I could put that in my suitcase and where it for a night out partying or to an event. 

Anyway, see how I wore it this time in Part 2 of this series. Remember, everyone, have fun with your clothes otherwise, what's the point?