Let Go, Let God.

"Let go and Let God" is a quote you'll hear a lot if you go to AA, hang out with people from AA, or just spend a lot of time reading about it. I grew up with an immediate family member of mine being in AA. As a kid, I was brought to meeting but it wasn't until I got older and heard the phrase again did the message really hit me. 

The message essentially is to realize that you are powerless in many situations. You have to let go and trust that "God" will take care of you. Essentially, things will work out as they are meant and no matter the outcome, you will be okay. 

The point is to trust a higher power. I call it God for the purpose of the conversation but it can be whatever version of it you choose. I think of God as the miracle of human life, the world around me, the humanity of the world, and this central life force that connects everything together. I don't get too religious about it but I am spiritual. 

The first thing I want to say about this is not to make others your higher power. When you make people your higher power then you crumble when they disappoint you. Your faith that things will work out for you in life becomes dependent on how that person acts, what they do, and if they continue to stay in your life. I was telling a story about an ex to a friend and explained how when we broke up, he dropped out of school, stopped taking care of himself, gained a lot of weight and blamed me for it all. My friend pointed out to me that it was because he made me his higher power. I had never thought of it that way but it made me really realize how you need to place your faith on something else. 

After you figure out your "God", it's important to then trust in it. Let go, Let God means you have to realize that there is sometimes nothing you can do. When a loved one is sick, or you're waiting to hear someone's reply, or you just want the job, you don't have very much control outside of doing your best and putting yourself out there. You have to stop stressing. You have to stop trying to control the situation or the things around it because you can't control any thing. You have to let it go and just believe the best. If you try to control things that are out of your hands, you are going to end up making yourself crazy. You'll end up down a disappointing path. Always know that things that were meant to happen will be, even when they don't make sense in the current time. 

Let go. Free yourself of feeling like you need to control things. Let god. Believe that something will take care of you and no matter the outcome, YOU WILL BE OKAY.