The Art of Being

Written By: Michelle Zauzig

What you have, who you're with, what you're doing...let it be enough. Maybe it is human nature or perhaps how society has shaped us, but we are constantly trying to put conditions on our current situations. LET THAT GO. 


IF that music wasn't playing in the background, then I’d be able to concentrate. 

IF he bought me flowers every day, then I'd be happy in my relationship. 

IF I had a million dollars, then I'd do all the things I want to do. 

When did this become ok? When did we allow ourselves to live in the conditional? When we decide is was ok to put conditions on living on lives how we want? Living in the conditional isn't something you're probably conscious of until someone else brings it to your attention (ahheemm) or have a strange 'AHA!" moment. 


The truth is that living in the conditional has become a block for living in the present, letting go of the past, and enjoying where we currently find ourselves. It belittles what we have and limits our present abilities. 

Why can't you concentrate with that music on? It's on, so you’d better deal with it. Adjust and make the best of what you have.

Why do flowers or gifts make you happy in a relationship? So he doesn't get you flowers, but your lover is doing SOMETHING good to keep you with them. Dig for what that something is.

Why do you need a million dollars to do what you want? You don't have a million dollars, and you probably aren’t going to in the near future, so DO WHAT YOU WANT. Save money to travel if that is what you want. Write a plan of action for you to follow your dreams with what you have NOW. 


The perfect situation isn’t Life, imperfection is. Life isn't going to turn off the music because you can't concentrate, it won't give you one million dollars because you really need gave you what you have, so let that be enough. 

Look around, what conditions have you made that are paralyzing to your present life? Let some of them go. Break the chains that have been tying you down. 

The present has some amazing things to offer. When you feel like you have nothing, it's probably due to conditional living. Look at your living, breathing, working body, look at your friends, look at your family, feel the sun, feel the rain and let that be enough.