Question Of The Week 11.2.14

Question Of The Week 11.2.14

We want to form a community with our readers as well as share pieces of ourselves with you. We encourage everyone to be more introspective and try to get to know the deeper parts of themselves. Hence, the introduction of The Question of The Week. 

Leave us comments with your answers. We would love to hear it and may even have some advice.



what can you do this week to bring you closer to your goals? 

One thing I want to start doing this week is practice teaching yoga to friends. I've taught a bit in class with the other people taking the course but I have not yet taught anyone outside of class! I think it's pretty necessary in order to become a teacher and it'll be hard and awkward at the beginning but got to start somewhere...

I also want to write out a list a places I want to go/ want to see as I hope to soon be able to make a good enough living that I can travel whenever and where ever I want to. -Steph Sidwell 



This week, I feel like I can go on more auditions and reach out to my network to see what parts they know of in order to build my dream of being a working actress. I can also email and connect to more brands as well as create amazing content for to build our brand.  I also want to continue to focus on my own scripts and short films so I can combine my love of acting and fashion. -Rachael Forster


So this is really hard because i'm really in a middle phase with this... it's not like a generalized answered... my journey has already begun. So my answer really is 'to keep on doin' what i'm doing " , but for our readers, I want to give you guys more than that... i'd say a step ( the most vital) is to figure out what you REALLY want to do. Get specific. This will make it easier to figure out how to get there, it makes going after your dreams less daunting. So the step for the week, figure it out, be honest with yourself... and go from there. - Michelle Zauzig