Question Of The Week 12. 7. 2014

What makes you powerful?

Powerful is funny word to me. It’s a word I associate with Trydent from the little Mermaid. Strong, big, loud and ruling a whole world of Mermaids. Or Arnold S, with every single muscle PERFECTLY defined and so badass on screen. Put what is powerful to me, comes not in size anymore... it comes in HOW you use the power that you’re full of. There’s a quote that goes something like, you can judge somebody not by what they do when they have not, but when they have everything. I think that if you have power and you use it positively, and for the good of others... you’re powerful. If you have power and don’t abuse it, or hoard it, but share it. You’re powerful. If you have power to make decisions that might benefit you, but hurt others, and decide to go with the betterment of others. You’re powerful. You’re powerful if you have everything, and act as though you have nothing more than anyone else. Powerful is jumping off your pedistool, and making a bench for others to sit. Powerful is being strong enough to list up those around you to even playing field.
— Michelle Zauzig
I have kind of an endless love. No matter how much I may hurt or have felt lonely, I never stop going forward. I never allow hate to enter my heart. I find my strength in my love for the world and the people around me. I deal with any pain I feel with gratitude and love. I think that makes me incredibly powerful because you can’t break me if I refuse to stop loving everything in my world.
— Rachael Forster
Sorry to stick with the theme but I feel powerful when I am helping others. Whether I’m teaching them something new, going them advice or simply lending a hand. To be able to use what I have learned for the goodness of others is an extremely powerful feeling for me. Theres no better feeling for me than when someone takes my advice and it helps them, or simply grasps my hand when they need it. Thats when i feel powerful. <3
— Steph Sidwell