Congratulation to our Blogger Steph Sidwell

This weekend, Steph Sidwell, will finally be a certified yoga teacher. She has been giving me privates to help us both learn. She learns to teach and I learnt the practice. She has taught me so much about yoga and life. 

The day that she was supposed to start her training, she had a terrible stomach ache. After a worried call from her mother, I took her to the hospital where Steph and I went through one of the weirdest 24 hours of our life. She had to get her appendix removed. I actually had to personally write the email saying she wasn't coming to yoga.

She handled surgery like a champ, taking it, like most things in her life, in stride. I remember her telling me that she loved yoga but decided to do the training because she was getting a discount on her teacher training and it seemed like a "Why not?" situation. As the weeks went on, we all saw her become more and more in love and involved with yoga. She developed a passion for more than just yoga but the teachings and the mindfulness. As an outsider, you could see her transformation as the weeks went on. 

She studied. She practiced. She constantly reminded me to suck in my low ribs and helped me stabilize my handstand. She had started to become more of a leader and she found great purpose and strength in passing on the teachings that she learned to the rest of the world. 

So, in honor of her amazing accomplishment, here is a little piece showing you her yoga to streetwear look. Straight from a yoga shoot to some girls time. Congrats to Steph! 


Sports Bra & Yoga Pants: Vie Activewear