Question Of The Week 12.15.14

What quality do you wish to cultivate? 


"I want to cultivate non-judgement. We are constantly judging things, whether its people, things, situations, ourselves; whether consciously or unconsciously. It’s kind of sick, but we all do it. It is how we have grown up, it is what we learned. Lately I have been trying to acknowledge when I judge something before I have a backstory. And it has helped me to realize that EVERYONE has a story. When you judge someone or something you are really only hurting yourself, for you have closed off a door of learning about someone when you already have an opinion on them. When you judge yourself, you allow others to judge you. When you judge a situation, you are only causing yourself pain, because the universe is going to work how it wants to work- you cannot control or change a situation, you have to take it for what it is. It’s amazing how much people will open up if you allow them to. If you come at them with an open mind, clear of judgement. You have no idea what someone has gone through in a day, or that week or that year, or their whole life for that matter. Every single person has a story, and how we behave today is a reflection of our past. I am really going to work on non-judgement and having and open mind for people, situations and myself, and be grateful for everyone I meet and every situation I find myself in, as they are all there for me as an opportunity to grow and learn." -Steph Sidwell 



I want to cultivate the "live in the moment" quality. Through my friendships I've found myself in amazing positions to have moments where I have nothing else to think of and this has allowed me to escape a bit. But when sitting at dinner with friends or shopping, I find myself checking my phone or thinking of someone or something that needs to get done which really sucks because I am here to connect with those people. I want to cultivate the ability to really just live, love, and experience the moment. I want to just take everything around me in and really value it. I suppose the quality could be what yogis would call mindfulness which is basically being able to control your thoughts to not let anything else in. I want to have the mindfulness to just take in where I am, what I am doing and who I am with. Moments are fleeting and all we have left when they are over is our memories and if truly lucky a few selfies (just kidding)!" -Rachael Forster 


I want to cultivate a go-getter quality. I love the energy I feel from a person who is enveloped in ventures toward their dreams. There's nothing better than listening to a person talk about a opportunity they're excited about, or a business deal they just made. There's not better FEELING than landing an opportunity you're excited about or even talking about upcoming opportunities to further push you towards your goal. I want to capture that energy, that feeling and carry it with me. Have it push me through the dry times and keep pushing with all my might to achieve everything I want for myself, and help everyone I can along the way. I want to cultivate the contagious aura that comes with the energy and spread it to all the people I love! I want you to try to do the same! Let's do this go-getters!" -Michelle Zau