The Most Interesting People We Know: Clara Buchanan

When I met Clara Buchanan, we were a few years younger and working together at a fancy restaurant in New York City. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was beautiful. That's kind of obvious. She was tall and I knew she was a model. But then she spoke, she was one of the most interesting people I had met. I had never met anyone with such a passion for learning.  She breaks any stereotype you may have of the idea "dumb model". Read further and learn more about this perfectly concocted mix of beauty and brains.

1   When did you know you wanted to become a model?

This may sound a bit odd, but I have always known that I wanted to be a model... And an actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, and artist. Anything related to art, especially the performing arts, I've always had a deep magnetism towards. It's apart of who I am, and who I am meant to be.

2   What would you do if you didn't model?

As a woman who's strongest talent is that of curiosity, there are a broad range of topics I feel passionately about, and would thusly love to pursue careers in (and still might). A few that I have been pursuing higher education on this week are:

 Quantum Physics                     Ethnobotany                  &   Epigenetics

3  What do you do outside modeling?

Study, research, go out dancing with friends, network in fields that I have interest in or with people I admire the minds of. Sketch, study a new skill, make new acquaintances, nurture friendships with beautiful individuals. Learn or experience something new, that's the core of why we are here I think. To become as educated as we can in order to become wiser creators.

4  People may not know by the face, but you are a bit of a nerd, what is your favorite subject to study and when did you develop such a passion for learning?

Lmao, you're absolutely right . I've covered my current interests in #2, though my lifelong interest has lied within the matters of subtle energies and psychology. These are the two that I am passionate about and have been ever since I was about eight when my mother bought me my first college textbook on psychology and ever since I first started to dive into ancient world religions at about thirteen.

My passion for learning is engrained within me. Just another ingredient in the recipe for Clara. Learning is something sacred to me, a form of worship if you will. Some have god, and some have money, I have knowledge.

5 What is your ultimate goal?

To rise to the occasion of creator. To become a mother of my reality. We as humans are the only race on earth with the gift of mass creation. We create the fate of every single man, woman, child, animal and plant every day. "With great power comes great responsibility", and I intend to take responsibility for my part of that mass creation. That is my goal.

6   What has been your proudest moment so far in both your career and life?

I've never exactly been proud of my career per se. Though, even if I were Kate Moss herself, I likely would feel the same way. There are many times where I feel joy and happiness for being apart of something beautiful, but I guess the thought of being "proud" of something to me would mean that I had come to the end of something great. I never want to come to that end, I always want to push forward, want to see what I can shape and create. Maybe the day I die, then I can feel pride in the actions I've taken, the knowledge I've acquired and the thoughts I've shared. But until then, I've still got a lot to learn and do.

7   What does an average day look like for you?

Get up around 8-8:30am, go to work at the office (&/or do something related to modeling: castings, shooting, etc.. It varies.), come home, study something that resonates with me in that moment, maybe watch a documentary, take pages of notes on the subject in my notebooks of randomized and disorderly content. Do a bit of lazy yoga throughout. Finally get to bed at say 1-2am. Spend needless hours on facebook chatting with other night owls or friends in other countries. Finally get to sleep between 3am and 4am.

 This schedule is supplemented with outings with friends to dinner, coffee, drinks, dancing, etc., social media, and with the occasional sketching.

8  What is your greatest challenge/biggest hardship in this life?

My complexion. I break out at the tiniest thing. If I eat dairy, use a product with any amount of man-made gunk in it, drool while sleeping, eat too much sugar, don't drink enough water, etc.. It's crazy. Monitoring my skin has literally been the biggest and most frustrating challenge in my life and has been since I was about 18. In fact, a lot of the reason why I know a good amount about diet, hormones, skincare and even make my own skincare products at home now out of herbs since it's so hard for me to find something that actually works, is because of my struggles with my own skin.

This struggle has actually held back my modeling career in many ways though the resulting psychological trails were the hardest to learn how to cope with. Modeling in general is an industry where your body is your product, and every day you are out at interviews (castings) in attempts to sell your product for hopefully a large sum. Weight is something that you can alter, acne sometimes isn't, and when you're standing in a line of 100 girls who look like their could be your sisters and you hear that voice in your head say "I hope I applied my foundation well enough... I hope they don't notice..". The pain is real, regardless of if the client overlooks the "poor quality of my skin" or not.

 Over the years, and with the help of meditation and psychological study, I have been able to retrain my mind away from that genre of thinking and move towards something more grounded and positive.

 Today, specifically the toner I make in my kitchen has caused this issue to calm down and nearly made all traces of acne and the resulting scaring vanish (as long as I am disciplined with my diet and with bringing my own foundation to shoots).

 9  What are you most grateful for in this life you chose and what has helped you get through your hardest moments?

My mother. My mother never taught me what to think, but instead gifted me the freedom and gentle support to teach myself. It's hard to summarize, but her method of parenting and nurturing allowed me the freedom to become who I am today. Someone whom I know is unique, innovative, creative, someone I am happy to call me.

My family. They say that every experience, memory and thought from every one of your ancestors is stored within your DNA. With that being said, I can only imagine that our ancestors were warriors. My family doesn't give up, and though we all tend to be loners, we also contain immeasurable amounts of empathy.

 Myself. There are many qualities that are unique to me that I rarely see in other humans. The way my mind processes, stores, and thirstily pursues information has resulted in rhyme and reason to the chaos that is life. All things come from chaos, but if you can see chaos for what it is and learn to shape that raw energy, it'll give you control over your own life and thusly a sincere sense of responsibility.

You can follow her at and on IG at @clarabuchanan  or @clara_buchanan