Outfit of The Day

This is a preview of the outfit that I wore for a lifestyle video that we shot and should be coming to you soon. It's the same dress and location as my Washed A Shore post from this summer. It was a really fun day. I love being able to continue to wear my maxi dresses through the winter and fall. 

The shoes are a bit questionable but I wore them because I needed something that would slip off easily on the beach that I didn't mind getting a bit dirty. I hope this helps you get inspired to transition your summer dresses to the winter. I hate when clothes are just sitting in your closet not being used for months.

So, I'll definitely spend some posts taking my summer clothes and updating them to be winterized. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF ME STARTING TO DO SOME FASHION AND ADVICE VIDEOS? Comment below and let me know what you think?