Home is...


By: Michelle Zauzig 


Edited by: Rachael Forster


Where is home? What is home?

I don't think we realize where home is until we have to leave it. Melancholy clouds come forth and damper over you as you shut the door, say goodbye to your friends, your animals, your bartenders, your favorite coffee shop. The daily routine that has knitted together little pieces of your existence into a comfort quilt which you want to remain wrapped in. 


Leaving my HOME to go HOME for the holidays... conceptually confusing to me. After much thought (ok, only a little bit of thought went into this) I realized home REALLY is where your heart is. I give you full permission to roll your eyes at me, it's completely cheesy, BUT completely true. 


The very essence of home is LOVE. The people I love, the place I love coming back to, the mornings I love, the nights I love, the mini day trips I love, the restaurants I love, EVERYTHING I love, is in my home. I will go back to my east coast place of childhood.. wake up and NOT be able to have the coffee from the shop I love, or have my daily conversation with the baristas that now know me so well. I'll miss my friends who have become my family. I will miss the sunrises and sunsets that I love waking up to. I won't be able to wake up and walk to the beach, or drive 20 minutes and go an epic hike. I will call all my friends and roommates and talk about how I can't wait to get back. 
I will hop on my flight to go east in a state of unrest... and hop back on happy as can be knowing that in 5 hours I will touchdown at home... and run into the loving arms of my home away from home. Enjoy and be grateful for EVERYTHING I have where I am. 


So where is your home? Put your gratitude to all the places, people, things that you love about where you are-- and HOLD ON to that feeling for the days when you question it, but they will undoubtedly come.