Question Of The Week 12.1.14

What do you need to stop fighting against?



I need to stop fighting against obstacles that aren't exactly there. As an actress, I am always thinking about pushing myself further and going farther. Every time that I reach another level of success in my professional life, I often view it as a wall of people I need to break past: casting directors, studio execs, producers, etc. Each hurdle feels like a fight and I've developed this mind set of feeling like I always need to fight and need to prove that "I have what it takes" to people. In actuality, all I have to do is to keep working
and continuing on my journey. - Rachael Forster

I need to stop fighting against feeling uncomfortable. I get snuggled into the warm, fresh out of the dryer, situations in life, and fight situations that put be outside of the zone. It's like waking up early to workout in the morning. You DO NOT want to get out of the those covers, or move from bed. Nobody ever went for a morning walk, jog or gym class and went through the rest of their day feeling worse than they would if they slept. Stepping outside invisible boundaries we set for ourselves is how we get places. It's how we move, we grow, we test our limits, we learn out limits, we learn we ARE in fact as limitless as the possibilties around us. It's these comfort zones that cage us and prevent us from seeing what's out there, who we are, and what we're capable of. DON'T FIGHT THE DISCOMFORT. TEAR THOSE BLANKETS BACK AND SHOW LIFE YOU'RE READY TO PUT IN THE WORK! -Michelle Zauzig

I need to stop fighting against my heart. 

Your heart is your most powerful tool in your body. Your heart knows things the mind could never tell you. When we listen to our mind, instead of our heart, we run into problems. Our mind overthinks everything. Our mind likes to come up with reasons/ alternatives that make the heart wrong.  When in reality, our heart always knows best. When we follow our heart instead of our mind, life becomes a lot easier. We have a lot less thinking to do. Our initial instinct is what our heart feels and we can run with that. However, if we let our mind step in, we tend to overthink everything. 

Listening to my heart can be really hard for me sometimes, as I like to overthink pretty much everything. But I have that when I do listen to my heart, everything works out as it should, and I save a lot of time and energy chasing after pointless and meaningless thoughts in my head. Thinking can be exhausting, so stop fighting and start listening :) -Steph Sidwell