Take Your Crops Into Winter

I still love all my crop tops but obviously as the weather changes, it gets a little harder to wear them. My secret is to wear them with items that are high-waisted. I did that here with my leather pleated skirt but it is great with high waist pants, skirts, shorts. I'm not wearing any tights because I'm in LA and can get away with it but if you added a thick pair of tights and a coat, this could totally still be a winter outfit. 

I shot this look over the weekend on a day where I really didn't have much going on. We are always glorifying the idea of busy but this particular days I tried to embrace Il dolce far niente or the sweetest of nothing. It's a really nice feeling to embrace and allow yourself to not have a plan, an errand, a pit stop. It's lovely to just sit, lay, play... do whatever you feel. Just be. Do whatever you want and go where the day takes you. 

It is really hard to not to think of all the things you have to do or could do with this time but let it go.