The deep blue seas

There is a certain freedom in conquering your fear. I was afraid of leaving, of the way I felt when freedom hit me. I was afraid of the beautiful women I'd see in the street or the hallways as a teen (as I thought often that beautiful people wouldn't be kind). I was afraid of knowing what I was made of. Then I left the shore and the safety of the sands, determined to swim as far and as wide as I could. I let the ocean swallow me whole. As I sunk, the water filled my lungs and the fear took over. I allowed it to. I suddenly realized that there was a beauty in fear and anything worth doing was something that caused some kind of fear. There is a beauty if you just look at the right places in the right way. Since then, I always searched through all the damage and the rubble to see where beauty may lie. So, let yourself drown. Drown in your fear. Breathe in. Let the salt water fill your lungs. Know that freedom because it is only when you drown and come back to life that you live a life where you appreciate fear. 

I just moved across the country. Now, I live by the beach. There is much more to fear.