Go Bold, Stay Classic

The Outfit: Some days it's really nice to wear something simple like a tee shirt dress. I love going bold with a bright orange-red color. I paired it with a really easy but bold shoe. The classic Van checkerboard slip-on is a staple in LA especially in Venice. It adds a bit more boldness to the outfit and I love the way that the checkerboard looks with the red. I think it's a great outfit for a Saturday of errands and skating. 

What's on my mind:

Become consumed with something. Most people do things but they do them half-assed. Commit to something. Push yourself as far as you can go. When/If you fail, do it all over again with a different method. Fly and soar. Just start a project that speaks to you and do it. My least favorite quality in someone is lack of passion. If you live your life without passion then what is the point? You should find a medium to release yourself or grow as a person. You should let that medium take over your life a bit. It's okay to be crazy passionate and crazily invested in something. In my eyes, it's the only real way to be successful. Do you think Steve Jobs was like, "yeah, I have this cool idea but you know, I'll get it together eventually. Like when I have the time or when it falls together". FUCK NO! Steve Jobs was like I'm going to make this shit happen. I hate that term, "falls together". Nothing in life (outside of falling in love) falls together (and even in love, once it falls together, it's work that continues the relationship). You have to make something fall together. You have the right to create whatever destiny you want for yourself. So, are you going to sit back waiting for it to fall together or live with passion, work hard, and soar?