Ocean Blue.


Caftans are classic beach wear. They require almost no styling. Just throw on your sandals. If you want to bring it into the night, a wedge or heeled sandal looks really nice. I like to add a bold earring or bangles. This particular one is almost completely see-through so I find that it's best for just the beach. 

My pondering & Inspirations: 

"She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air."

A day of surfing with show you how powerful and insignificant you are. When you are digging through the water your arms tire, but you push yourself, charging through the break. You push your board down, ducking waves in order to make it past. You resurface and catch your bearing and your breath again. At times, they are strong enough to push you back from your course. You are on a mission. You get out to the perfect position and bob almost lifeless yet full of life. Yes, full of life because you are at the will of the ocean. You spend a day wiping out, being trapped into waves, being shoved down against your board, your skin scrapes against the sand or a rock. You're tired and you hurt. The ocean did it. But the minute you're on a wave, it's like you've conquered the beast. You are invincible until you get rocked back by a wave again. 

Then you climb back on the shore and rest in the sun. This is heaven. 


Caftan: H&M  Sunglasses: Rayban

Caftan: H&M  Sunglasses: Rayban