Anything Boys Can Do...

On the Outfit: I love fuller skirts and lady-like looks. I have been on the mission to add more Venice to my New York City style. It's hard to find the perfect balance and I'm some how still always over dressed. This white lace skirt paired perfectly with my striped crop top. I love riding on my skateboard on really girly outfits. But of course, I have to choose the right shoes to skate in. I almost always go with Vans. The classic checkerboard added a fun contrast that both complimented and contrasted the stripped top. You can always mix patterns especially with neutral colors. 

On My Mind: People. Changing people. Accepting people for who they are. Wishing people would change. I have seen these situations a hundred times in my life. No one can change anyone. It doesn't work that way. No one changes until they are ready. The most important thing in life is knowing your own worth and never letting anyone destroy that. There are times when people may act in ways that are unfair to you. They will blame you for whatever reason and expect you to fawn over them and beg for forgiveness when you've done nothing wrong. Never let anyone make you feel like you have done something wrong when you haven't. Never forget your own self worth and who you are. I know I am a good person and I will never sit back and let someone accuse me of actions that I could never do. The other thing is that there is no changing a a guy or girl. Some people in their twenties are just not ready to grow up and they don't see the big picture. So many think their life ends at 30 and they have to get all their fun in this second. They push people away and block themselves away because they think they are missing out on some great and wild ride. Well, if you mean one night stands with random people then sure. If you let things happen easily and naturally, you will find yourself in a love that is wonderful. If you have someone in front of you who is wonderful then you should go for it. Because all those drunken nights, trying to get laid, will never amount to the happiness you can receive from someone who really cares about you, believes in you, supports you, and wants to make everyday a great day.

People confuse commitment and lack of freedom. In a healthy relationship, you are free. You are free to do as you please. Your consequence to hooking up with others is losing that other person which you will be anyway. You are free to travel, live your life, do your job, see your friends, fucking jump out of an airplane without an instructor. The person who cares will be there to support all of it. They will be there at the hospital when you possibly break something. Freedom is a mind set, not and actual ball and chain. But take the chance and go for that person because you may not find someone like them again. 

Anyone can spend time convincing themselves that they don't care about another person but  most of the time, you're just too afraid to.

Shoes: Vans Skirt: Forever21 Top: Zara     Tell us your thoughts on it all!

Shoes: Vans Skirt: Forever21 Top: Zara


Tell us your thoughts on it all!