Birthday Dress.


I love this pastel blue dress. The color is beauty. I kept it simple by just adding an intricate heel. I like the idea of letting something so simply beautiful speak for itself. Retro waves was a great choice for this necklace. Not my edgiest or most interesting outfits but sometimes classic is as interesting and alluring. 

What's on my mind:

Each year, you get one year older. While one day doesn't do much difference, like yesterday I was 23 now I am 24, a year does. I like to think I've learned many lessons this year but instead, I've grown more foolish. I am more of a kid than last year. I follow my heart even further now. I follow my passions. I let them lead me. They bring me to wonderful places but also, dark and scary ones. Each year, I become bolder. That's a scary thought. How much bolder can I get? 

In this last year I have made a short, created enough space in my home for two, planned a party, lost a loved one, said my vows, traveled, wrote two scripts, landed a major ad campaign, cut my fringe, dyed my hair many colors, traveled some more, went to many a fashion weeks, met and collaborated with amazing artist, landed a few pilots, moved across the country, taken up new sports, dealt with major life changes, and done it all with love in my heart. 

Dress & Shoes: Zara

Dress & Shoes: Zara