Daytime Bodysuit  & Misogyny

On The Outfit: Managing a bodysuit midday can be a bit tricky. You have to balance out the sexiness of something that is both skin tight and in this case, low cut. My way of managing it is to wear a longer, flowing skirt to keep it casual and prevent too much skin from showing. I also keep the hair and make-up pretty slick and simple. The shoes are a bit sparkly but the are a casual thong sandal, grounding the whole look to be casual and daytime appropriate. 

On My Mind: I've never been a woman who felt the need to stand up for woman's rights or to call myself a feminist even. I do believe in equal rights and treatment for all but I never felt the need to define myself as such. Here is why: It isn't my duty to cook a meal for my man but I enjoy it. I know woman who refuse to learn to cook so they won't be defined as a "woman who belongs in the kitchen". It isn't my duty to serve my man in all his needs but I enjoy it. It isn't my duty to make less then him or have a lower titled position but frankly, I don't give a shit if I do. I believe I am on my journey and he is on his. This is why I've never felt the need to fight to call myself a feminist. 

For the first time in my life, since I moved to California, I have dealt with so much misogyny. I know that the film industry has a bad rep for this kind of behavior BUT it hasn't been from the film industry. Surprisingly, it's been from restaurant employees, surf and skate bros. People in the film industry have been nothing but excited and happy when they hear that I am independent, educated, and self sufficient. But the men who I've found in Venice and the surrounding areas have been nothing but offensive and mean. They put their own insecurities on me and act as if my college degree or success in life is in anyway a reflection in life. I refuse to feel guilty for being the boss of my own life and working hard to actually achieve the things I want. I was expected to not only feel bad about my achievements but to pretend they didn't exist.   

I truly believe that we are all on our own journey in life and I also believe we can achieve anything we truly set our mind to. To receive such negativity to the point where one can question if it is hate really bothers me, especially when I only wish the best upon people. I'd love to hear more stories about people's experiences with this issue. Please share with me. I'm feeling a bit bummed by the fact this kind of behavior still exists. 

Top:   American Apparel  Skirt:  H&M  Shoes:  Handmade in Capri

Top:  American Apparel Skirt: H&M Shoes: Handmade in Capri