All White & Something Poetic

On The Outfit: I love wearing all white especially when it's summer and especially when I have a tan. It just works so well together. I also am loving crop tops this summer and this full lace skirt works really well with it. I kept the outfit simple by pairing it with booties. 

On My Mind: If I knew what it would have been like when you left and when this ended, I would have ran the other way. I would have kissed you and remembered you as that very pretty boy with the perfect blue eyes and golden skin. Now, I remember your anger and your resentment for me. When all I ever did was care, you hated me for it. You were like an animal. Not something to be controlled or changed. Something to be loved and believed in but you wouldn't even allow that. Unfortunately, I will never just remember that you were prideful or terrible at telling people how you really felt but I will remember everything else too. I will remember the first time I bought lingerie specifically for you and how passionate it made you. I will remember when you were really drunk and told me my face was your sanctuary. I'll remember my obsession with the feeling of being weightless and it didn't take a motorcycle, or a skydive, or a surfboard to achieve it, it just took being around you. I will remember sleeping on a slant because your bed got ruined in the process of us being us. I never minded the slant or the dirty floors or when you never have bed sheets because you would hold me all night, kiss my forehead, and keep me safe with your arm's wrapped around me. I was with you and that was enough for me. I didn't really need anything more. 

Shoes: Dolce Vita Outfit: Forever 21 Bag: Chanel