Denim Sunbeams

On The Outfit: I love denim on denim and it's still cool! I bought this shirt at Buffalo Exchange and it reminds me of an 80's mom at Disneyland (probably the best reason to ever buy an article of clothing.) I paired it with my true and trusted J Brand jeans. I am so in love with these jeans. They make everyone look good. I wanted to keep it simple and easy for a casual night of wine with friends on our patio.

On My Mind: When I met you, there weren't fireworks. Not because you aren't special but because we didn't have a chance. I wasn't blown away because I never had the opportunity sitting at a dive bar with the game blaring in my ear. Maybe not a fair start. In fact, I couldn't be bothered. I was wrapped up in someone else. When I decided to see you that first night, I thought, this is a good distraction. I was in pain. I was closed off. I was lost and had forgotten who I was. But as I opened you, you opened me. Slowly, the facade of everything else melted away. There was honesty. There was the truth of who we both were and where we both were. And now, we exist in a different place. A place of both fear and happiness. A place of both laughter and wonder. A place of both discovery and comfort. I'm really enjoying this place.

Shirt: Vintage Jeans: J. Brand