The Photos: I worked with photographer Kara Cooper to create a mini Look Book for Deconstructed Designs. Deconstructed Designs makes amazing body jewelry. The are like wearable art. My friend, Kelly Young, is the designer behind these amazing pieces and I had such an amazing time on set with them. It's always a fun shoot when you can listen to Beyonce and Shakira during it. Here are a few shots. 


On My Mind: I wish my eyes could take photos. If they could take a photo, I would have taken over 1,000 that day.

I would have taken a photo of you and your tea cups and the way your hands looked when you poured it, as if it was some kind of craft, like wood working. I would have taken a photo of the two towels hanging on the rail knowing you were considerate enough to remember one for me. Standing in your bike room and you framed in the doorway as we agreed you're a douche bag.

Mostly, I would have wasted all my film on you. The way you weren't afraid to look me in the eye when we kissed passionately. I would want that to remember that you didn't fear that intimacy or being lost in that infinite moment.


oments are fleeting.  Nothing is everlasting and it may never repeat. It may never mean a thing and it could certainly be romanticized to the point where I ruin it all. When someone doesn't want something, they generally mean it. But I still regret what I said what I said about my feeling for him when I left the car. It was just to scare you off. So, we would just be left with photographs and the hope that your instinctive habit of obsession favors me, my laugh, my hair, the curves of my body, my touch,my kindness, my tenderness, my heart on my sleeve, my scent, my sense of humor, sense of self, and "mythical beauty". 

But, just like another photo I would have taken, it can never be because it never was...