Fall Fashion Trends 2014

This fall we have some really fun trends coming our way. Some are easier to wear than others but here is a little guide of what's cool this season and how to wear it. Start wearing them now as a way to get noticed especially at NYFW.


Swinging 60's- take a piece or a hint from the 60's not too much otherwise you'll look like you're in costume. Make sure you balance it with modern accessories and some natural looking hair and make-up. 

Full Knit- this look owned at the Marc Jacobs show but can look easily look like you're grandma got a bit too excited about knitting. Try to keep your pieces as structured as possible as well as adding structured accessories. I really love a pulled back hairstyle to keep the look clean and fresh.

Touch of Fur- this look can be hard to balance. It's meant to be very glamorous but can easily turn into Russian mail order bride. Keep the look luxurious looking by adding edgy, structured, feminine pieces.  

American Frontier- bring on the cowboys and the Wild West! I am loving this look! No rules here. Just fringe like a motherfucker and sweet ass blanket jackets. Think Blake Lively August 2014 Vogue!  

Gym Couture- ladies, we are ready for comfort and chanel new that with their grocery store crazy runway show. My advice to keeping this look high fashion rather than actual gym clothes is to keep it clean (no actual sweat) and graphic. I would also suggest a center part low bun or pony as a chic, polished touch.  


Now go get mobbed by street style photogs for me 😘