7 Ways To Scare The Shit Out of Yourself


The world can be an awfully scary place. You could literally die at any moment. In order to make peace with the anxiety brought on by that thought, I decided a while back to find the fun in life. Sure, the plane may crash, but at least you were on your way to a great adventure. Fuck, it's a miracle that we figured out how to fly to begin with. 


Here are my tips for living your life to the fullest:

1. You're going to die. Accept that.  Nothing is going to stop the inevitable. It's a matter of prolonging it at this point. 

2.  Stop trying to prolong it. You can worry about everything and spend your life minimizing risk, or you can go live your life. 

3. Know that fear is in your head. The fight or flight response is very real. As someone who suffers from terrible panic disorder, I know. But at the end of the day, running from fear doesn't improve your life. Fight, jump, dive, stand up, spread your motherfuckin' wings.  

4. Think of the scariest thing in life, then do it. I hate the feeling of free fall, so what did I do? Sky dive. I have a friend who is terrified of snakes, so she spent a month in Sundance, Utah. She's still scared of snakes, but she also had one of the best months of her life. 

5. Self talk. If you tell yourself that you can't do something, you're going to start to believe it. Tell yourself that you are invincible and soon you will be.

6. Try new things. Another one of my friends had never been on a motorcycle, so when she got the offer to ride one this past Saturday, she looked at me hestitantly. Being the thrill seeker I am, I told her to strap on her helmet. She had a great time even though she was scared shitless. 

7. Keep doing new and scary things. If you learn to juggle and then don't do it for 4 years, you're going to suck at it when you try again. It's the same with living outside your comfort zone. Stay outside of it and you'll be juggling new adventures like a circus clown (pun intended). 

This is how I live my life everyday . The scarier something is, the more likely I am to do it.  


Comment new and scary adventures you want to see me take on. Make my life Fear Factor. I promise to try them unless it is fiscally impossible.