Goodbye Main Street

It's official, I moved. Goodbye Rose and Main. I loved that apartment but it was time for changes. 

I'm super excited to be now living with my best friend, Caitlin Turner, or as many know her as, @GypsetGoddess.  We tend to spend almost everyday together working on different projects or hanging out watching movies. It's pretty convenient to walk from the back house to main house .

The last day in my house definitely felt like an end of an era. I feel as though a bigger change is coming to my life but it hasn't arrived yet. Life has already surprised me with so many heartbreaks, joys, and confusions but all of them have made me grow as a person. As nervous as I am for a change, I am very excited to see what's around the next corner. 

 I just fell in love with this Rebecca Taylor dress. I love a good maxi that you can throw on. It makes you look like you made an effort when really you picked it off the floor. Kind of perfect for the lazy dresser.