Me vs. The Universe this Autumn

Recently, I've felt like the universe and I haven't been very good friends. I have had a streak of bad luck. Well, universe, back off. I've had enough and I've decided to stop indulging you. I am putting on my gratitude glasses. I am not going to catastrophize any of the bumps that come my way and instead turn them into something extremely manageable. 

This morning, I got up and went to Another Kind of Sunrise. It is a small coffee shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. All I needed was to get out of my regular morning routine of waking up, checking emails, and starting work right away, and instead stuff some healthy breakfast in my face. Similar to the more well-known Bulletproof Coffee, Another Kind of Sunrise blends their coffee with ghee, a clarified butter frequently used in Indian cooking. It's very yummy and I find it super comforting.

The barista there is a friend and the place is a Venice hot spot, so just by chance, I ran into some of my friends also getting their morning jolt. A warm cup of buttery brew was what I needed on this cold LA morning. We don't have Autumn but we are getting some chiller temperatures in the mornings. These windy wakings I welcome with open arms. 

It makes for the perfect layering weather. I added this sweater onto a maxi gown that might have been to formal by itself. The boots and hat completed the outfit by solidifying that, this is in fact, a  casual outfit. Well...casual for me at least. I embraced a smudged lined berry lip. Bare skin and berry lips is one of this Fall's stand out beauty trends. Plus, it's easy to do. 

I am happy I switched up my routine. I am happy that I got to get out of my funk this morning. I needed to stop feeling like a victim of the universe. What a terrible outlook...

I'm going to leave you with this. I had a lovely talk with a friend about what defines us as people. She left me with a message and it really resonated with me. She said, "We can just love and be loved and let the chips fall where they may." I love that. I hope that inspires you as well.