They've Arrived...

Dear Holiday Party Season,

I suppose, we are friends. I mean, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship but overall, I enjoy you. I love planning my looks and cultivating my style. I hate deciphering your dress codes and needing to find ways to save myself from awkward conversations.

That being said, this year, I will try to let go some and enjoy you. My style has become simpler so ideally you should be simpler. My body is a bit curvier than year's past so that throws me a learning curve (get it?). I get tired by 11 but I really think I have this. 

So, my dear sweet cheerful friend, I embrace you this year with all your contrived conversations, "festive causal professional" dress code,  and the blister producing heels. Cheers to us finally making peace.

Thanks for the free champagne,