Feeling Home

I decided to hold off on sharing my road trip photos because I want to share the trip east and west back to back. As I sit in bed in Soho, NY with friends watching TV and talking over each other, I feel blessed. I am so happy to be back East.

I feel an identity crisis in LA when it comes to fashion. It's a bit too casual for me so I'm either uncomfortable or overdressed. Yesterday, I wore this nifty outfit and it made me feel like myself again. The (relative) cold gave me an occasion to  get back to my favorite element of dressing: layering. 

After mixing colors and texture to make my ideal outfit, I felt back to my old groove. I spent the day walking around with my lovely friend Alexa. Alexa is as much of a goof as me so we are pretty much set for a good time. After hitting a few stores, munching at Fanelli Cafe, and finding band aids for my blistered feet (these are new booties), we hung out with the ladies of The Vintage Twin. I swear, we found out soul sisters...and really great jeans.