Traditions & 70's Style

Did you have a nice holiday? Mine was great! It was lovely to see my family and friends. I spent it out and around New York City (if you couldn't tell that by the photos). 

As you get older the holidays become stranger. They morph and change and transform. The traditions you once held so dear tend to loosen and get lazy. Santa doesn't come and your family might decide to spend Christmas in the Caribbean instead. 


Some one might start to roast the Brussels sprouts instead of boiling them like they have for the past 10 years (thanks Food Network!). The family may not sing carols but instead watch funny YouTube clips instead. But change isn't always bad. If anything, the change reminds me that the holidays are about the people you love. So don't get stuck on tradition or you just might miss the joy of the day.

If I was stuck on tradition, I'd never have this fun 70's equestrian outfit in lieu of an ugly Christmas sweater!