Polarity in New York City

I've always been a city girl. I used to say that it's because every city has a heartbeat and people are happiest living somewhere where that rhythm aligns with their own heartbeat. For me, this place has been New York City. 


But there are many other reasons to feel more at home in a city. Most cities offer polarity. People are never one thing and neither is any city. Take LA, for example. You can have the chill, good vibes of Malibu while still being able to hop over to the fast paced, business-like, and more cosmopolitan rhythm of West Hollywood. 

New York has always offered me this. I always thought I needed to be defined by downtown or uptown when in truth I am both. I love the art galleries, the street art, the cobblestone of the local designer-filled, inarguably more edgy downtown. But I'm also the society life, MET Museum, can't-afford-to-wear designer-filled, more prim and proper Uptown.

There is a polarity and a duality fighting inside me. Neither one is right. Neither one is wrong.  But it most definitely, makes me a city girl.