Spring Trends: Sporty Chic

On The Outfit: With New York Fashion Week in full effect and LA pretending to be summer, spring is on my mind. Therefore, I am thinking about spring trends. One of my favorites is Sporty Chic!

The whole trick to this trend is sport inspired pieces that still look pulled together. It you look like you've come from the gym, you're doing it wrong!  Still, this is a great trend for the lazy fashion set. 

Try using leather accents as a way to separate it from your gym clothes and pieces with bias cuts that add a bit of interest to the look.  

A look into my life:  

I remember that night that we drove back from Laurel Canyon together and we didn't take the scenic route. We watched the city, the freeway, the people, and cars whip and speed past us. The dog sat panting on my lap keeping me warm before moving onto yours as you drove. Our hair was soaking wet and we were chilly enough to put the heat on. Soaked in chlorine, I switched to Bon Iver and suddenly an  atmosphere was created.

We both felt like we could hear our own hearts. Both of us a bit broken hearted and maybe a tiny bit broken, we hummed to the clashing harmonies he creates. As we sung, "and I can see for miles, miles miles..."  or "at once I knew I was not magnificent", we felt smaller...almost like we didn't matter in the scheme of it all.

We felt better because this meant that in some way our pain didn't matter in the grand scheme. We were just there with a tear in our hearts that didn't matter...together.


Shoes: Vans Pants: Forever21 Jacket: TOV