Time & Space.

You're a dream chaser, a go getter, a person who can juggle anything. Awesome. But more often than not these juggling dream chasers are discouraged by what they want not happening. Why isn't the universe helping me conspire to make all my dreams come true?    




First off the universe is not what is going to make things happen. You are responsible for making things happen (or ATLEAST getting the ball rolling).  

Seondly, you need to create the time and space for everything you want to come into play. 

You want that dream job that you've been trying to make happen for years now.  What's going wrong? You have so many things going on outside of wanting  the job that even getting  the job would prove difficult to balance. Set up your life as though you already have everything you want. You want to travel to a magical destination? Save up the money, cross off calendar days where you'll be unavailable, do everything in your power to prepare.


So     really   why aren't things happening for you? Is it because they're impossible or never going to happen?  If you keep on doing what you're doing. You need to take the reins and make this life your own. You really  can have the things you desire but you need:

  1. Time. Everything takes time. You not only need to take the time to plan and prepare but you need the time for this desire to come about. Set a goal time line and follow it as avidly as you would your heart.
  2. Space. Make room for new endeavors, dreams, desires to come into your life. You can't expect a new job, soulmate or adventure if your life is too packed with clutter to fit them. 

    It's like asking your favorite coffee barista why she's not handing your coffee, while bear hugging your whole pile of laundry; she's going to look at you like you're crazy. The universe will do the same.  Drop your pile of things and take the 'coffee'. Make room for your dreams, it's all right in front of you.  

" you have all you need, to be all you want"