This one's for the boys too...

I l love stealing men's clothes. I do it a lot here on Gone Native and pretty much suggest it for every girl out there. Comfortable, a little baggy, and maybe a bit naughty. Men's dressing and menswear are some of my favorite style choices. This is a sexier take on it.

I've seen this Buck Mason shirt on guys around LA and thought well, if they look super hot in it, maybe I can! So I paired it with my leather skirt and booties for the perfect weekend dinner or drinks look.  

So go ahead, steal your brother's, your friend's, or your boyfriend's shirt today and wear it all weekend long. 

Speaking of the weekend, let's all take advantage of the weekend as much as possible. Yes, the laundry has to be done or maybe you didn't leave your work at the office but make sure you take some time to do something you really wanted to do. No, I'm not talking about that bar your friends really want to try or that work out class that your sister wants you to come to...I'm taking about an activity that really serves you.