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Dress Reinvention

Rachael ForsterComment
Dress Reinvention

On The Outfit: I was taking part in the January Popsugar Fashion Challenge and one of their suggestions was pair a shirt under a dress. This is a concept that I am no stranger to but wanted to share with ya'll again!  


It really does completely change a look and little styling tricks like this help us stretch our closet farther and keeps us from boredom.  


I paired if with a cut out bootie and a burgundy bag. I feel like this is a good, practical but fun outfit for the office.  


On My Mind: With Valentine's Day just a few days away, I am really focused on self-love. So many friends and loved ones are worried about not being alone and being loved by someone else. But, I truly believe that the most important love is the love you have for yourself. 


So, when we have days that are suppose to be about celebrating couples are love, I think it's a better time to celebrate yourself. You do so much all the time everyday. You work, you workout, you care, you give, you do your best everyday. Why not celebrate that?


Michelle and I have teamed up with this active wear company to help celebrate loving yourself. If you go to @vieactivewear, @michelleczauzig, or @itsrachaelforster, you can see the challenge we are holding. 

Dress:  Armani  Shirt: Made in Japan Shoes:  Zara  

Dress: Armani Shirt: Made in Japan Shoes: Zara