Spotlight On Style: Rachelle Tratt

Rachelle Tratt, is a bubble of sunshine that you may find spreading metaphorical glitter and serious dance moves around Venice (or anywhere she goes). I was introduced to her fun loving spirit through word of mouth until one day, she mistakenly thought I as a Hebrew teacher via Facebook chat. We quickly cleared up our confusion.From that hilarious incident on, I could tell Rachelle was fun loving and kind with an infectious spirit.

You may know her from yoga classes or maybe from her company jewelry, The Neshama Project, either way nothing is going to stop this bubble of sunshine from spreading her positive attitude and wisdom where ever she goes. Let's take a second to look at her awesome clothing choices: boho basic mixed with funky vintage wears.

What is your style motto? (or 4 words to describe your style)

Bohemian, flowy, colorful & comfortable, 


What experiences in your life have impacted your personal style?

I grew up a tom boy, choosing tennis & basketball over dressing up Barbies, so comfort was always important to me and still is today.  At a young age, after my mom passed away, I found myself only wearing her hippie skirts, (matched with this yellow tennis sweatshirt, ha, not the best look, and especially since I used to wear that same outfit like e v e r y day). Now looking back, wearing her skirts, meant the world to me, it stood for something greater than just wearing a skirt, and that is the foundation to my "style".  I love mixing vintage articles, and jewelry bought on a wild adventure, with some every day flowy comfortable pieces.  Feeling comfortable in my skin, and having the clothing and jewelry that I wear somehow match my personality, spirit & what I stand for in life, well that is the thread that weaves my "style" together.

Do you have a style icon or anyone's style you rely admire?

I love my girlfriends style, especially my sisters Mary Beth Larue, Rachel Drucker and Sophie Jaffe.

What piece can you not live without?

My hamsa from my jewelry company, The Neshama Project.

What is a trend you've been excited to wear lately?

Turquoise hair!!!! ( My girl Dani @color_by_danielle is pure magic)

What's a perfect date outfit for you?

Cute short dress. Vintage boots. Vegan leather jacket or kimono. and some big hoop earrings. and a smile.

What is a perfect night out with the girls outfit?

A night IN more like it. 

Every friday night, my ladies and I cook dinner, drink some wine, share highlights from our week, and well, have a dance party at the house. The outfit, well, let's get real, it's usually in sweat pants ;)

Lastly, what are a few brands you really follow or love to wear? 

I could live in a n y t h i n g Free People. 

Brands that I love to follow because of their amazing product, AND for their mission and what they stand for :

Tiny Devotions, The One I love NYC, Lululemon, Onzie, Flynn Skye, TurquoiseandTobacco, Showmeyourmumu, Loveinfinityforall, Bahgsujewels, shopcompliment, latesundayafternoon, bloominglotusjewelry, charmandmagic.