Feeling Lost?  3 BIG ways to Start Anew.

It's so easy to get lost in the shuffle of life. It's so easy to get wrapped up in bad situations or bad relationships. It's easy to take jobs that take so much life out of us or glorify the act of being busy. It is easy for the "me" in you to be picked apart until like it feels like there isn't much "me" to give to yourself. 

Search Through Your Consciousness 

1. Write down your goals & your timeline for accomplishing them. Take some time to focus on what you want.. Remind yourself why your doing what you're doing, as well as checking if you are taking steps towards what you want in your life. This exercise is an opportunity to set up guidelines for yourself and have a reference point to look back on. It will help keep you on track as well as an opportunity to search further within yourself. 

2. Tap into your inner voice. It's really easy to forget your actual feelings or thoughts on something when surrounded by a lot of people especially those who may be more opinionated than you are. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyone else's thoughts. Your inner voice is stronger than you know. Sometimes when we allow ourselves to listen, we discover that we don't agree or like the way others act, see, or feel about things. It's okay to be your own person. It's okay to have your opinion. 

3. Start to depend on yourself. You have to trust that you can handle anything that comes your way and your ability to solve the problem. Whether this is your own inner voice or your money situation, this is kind of self explanatory! 

4. Break from bad habits! Bad habits can be people, it can be smoking, it can be not taking care of yourself... no matter what you want to start a clean slate in order to put your best foot forward. 

5. Organize your life. Whether it is finding a place for that vase that doesn't look right anywhere or solving a fight with a friend, clean up your mess. Move forward without baggage and use this opportunity to continue your growth. It isn't always easy to find places for the the fragmented pieces of your life but it's what you need to move forward with a clear canvas (which you can paint into whatever you want). 

Paint Your Own World

1. Embrace being alone to embrace your passion. This is your time to build your fire of creativity and passion. Let yourself discover your inner voice without interruption then use that to discover what you want to tell the world. It's amazing what can come from just have time to only be with ourselves.

2. Find a mentor. You know what you want to do or create now? Awesome! Find someone who has been down this road before or one similar. Others are a wealth of guidance and information. Find a person you can trust and ask them to mentor you. This may be your journey but we are all stronger together. 

3. Seek your new path. So now, you have your inner voice, your passion, your goals, and some great guidance. Keep moving forward. Put it in place to make it happen.  Your journey has just begun. 

You Better Fix Your Attitude

1. Not everyone is going to love or even like you: DEAL WITH IT! Worrying about what everyone thinks or feels about you is the first way to not only feel like crap about yourself but never really succeed. If you are seeking people's approval before every decision you will just be stuck at a stand still. Listen to your gut, make your choices, and let everyone else accept it on their own time (or not). Don't sacrifice your happiness because of other people's opinions.

2. Negative Schmegative! If you are judging yourself or the world around you, you're just going to feel like shit. Forget that. My motto is always, "Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with others." Beyond that, "gratitude is the attitude." If you can look at your life with grateful eyes, you will not only feel happy about your life but you'll be more motivated to keep going. At the end of the day, we are so blessed. If you are at a computer and can read this, then you are blessed compared to others in the world. Besides, if you feel like crap, you're never going to believe in yourself. 

Start The Life You Want

1. Use your new knowledge. Use what you've learned through your personal search and your research to put your plans really in place. I don't know what your heart is pulling you towards, maybe it's using your knowledge of the cheapest time to book your flight around the world or starting your own company, either way, start going forward with the knowledge and confidence you now have.

2. Check in with what you wrote on your goal list. Writing it down serves the purpose of allowing yourself to have something to keep you in check! Are you doing what you wanted? Do you remember why you're doing it?

3. Expect Tears, Frustrations, and Dead Ends. All journeys are going to have its ups and downs. The important thing is that we keep going. Accept that it won't be easy or simple and decide to push through it anyway! 


Optional: Give back! Just like your mentor with you, maybe you can help someone else make their dreams come true. As a friend says, "we rise by lifting others".