Welcome Spring!

I love the idea of roses and vines growing all over me as if I am just a garden. I think it's so beautiful. If I could spend my life in a fashion fairy tale, I would. I think this dress adds to that idea of fantasy that we've been playing on lately. The idea of putting something on and escaping into a different character or to a different place.

Now that Spring is here (I swear it is, East Coast), I think it's time to embrace some florals. I saw this dress Marchesa Notte dress via Rent The Runway and thought it'd be great for a cocktail formal outdoor picnic. It would look amazing with heels but if it's an outdoor event, I like to switch it up with flats. It helps avoid any heel stuck in grass incidents and this gave me an excuse to add a pop of contrasting color. 

I love feeling girly with lots of florals, lace, and embroidery. While I usually try to balance it with edgier pieces, sometimes you have to dive right in. This is an example of just embracing it.