As I said before, I do love seeing new trends but I never recommend buying for the sake of being trendy. Buy what speaks to you: your life, your style. Always, always, always stay true to yourself!

My other issue with trends is that you don't want to be looking at the item next year this time and say, "God, what was I thinking?" That's an example of a bad trend and a bad buy. 

Let trends serve as guidelines. This is what is coming or in and just like everything else in life, you can decide what to take into your life (and your closet). 

I'm going to break down one trend a day for the next week!

All Weather Leather

This season, we are embracing leather or "pleather", whatever you choice may be. It comes in all different shapes, styles, and color. Don't think that it's just about black or tan anymore. Think details, accents, and new cuts when buying leather pieces this year. These are pieces you will wear for life.


LOEWE via Style.com

LOEWE via Style.com

Versace  via Style.com

Versace via Style.com

Jil Sander  via Style.com

Jil Sander via Style.com


Free People  Leather Trousers

Free People Leather Trousers